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Vintage! Second-hand haori, jackets for Japanese kimono.


A superb embroidery work to pay homage to the most mysterious of all flowers, Karahana 唐花. Coming from China to Japan, it was born from the imagination of men to to deliver to us the quintessence of the beauty of the most beautiful of flowers, such as the lotus flower, the peony among others, in one flower only. On the black background of the silk canvas, the different light effects achieved by the contrasts created by the more or less intense brilliance of the embroidery threads add an effect of mystery to the painting to carry us a little deeper into the enigmatic world of this fantastic flower. The richness of its roundness is accentuated by the geometric shape of the Hishi 菱triangle , whose shape sometimes vanishes into the intense darkness of the silk. A haori weaved in the pure Japanese tradition The round circles and the triangles serve as additional frameworks to feature other major patterns. We recognize the Karakusa arabesques 唐草, the water chestnut flower Hanabishi 花菱, the plum blossom Ume 梅, the waves of the blue sea Seigaiha青海波, the overlapping circles of Shippô 七宝 representing the 7 treasures of Buddhism and Uroko 鱗, the scales of the serpent or of a fish. So many high-ranking and auspicious patterns for a very very elegant haori! The haura, the inner lining, is also a tribute to the art of embroidery with its balls of Ito-Maki thread 糸巻 pattern. This jacket is in excellent condition and you can wear it with no problem!

The haori, a jacket worn over a Japanese kimono, is perhaps THE Japanese garment that TABITABIYA fell in love with the most! Cut in the same way as a kimono, the haori also shares its sumptuous fabrics and patterns traditions. But you don't need an obi to keep it closed. It is generally worn open or tied at the front with braided strings made in the same materials as the obijime that is attached to the obi. They are also very decorative. Its easy-to-wear length, its lightness, its more restrained or downright daring patterns make this authentic kimono jacket a super playful and stylish garment that you will never get tired of! There is no limit to how you can wear it because the haori goes absolutely perfectly and creatively with all clothes. For your moments of relaxation on the sofa, your reading times, to enjoy a cup of tea, to make you comfortable at home after your hard days of work, to bring an edgy touch to your jeans outfits, or a more chic note to your skirt or work outfits, for going out in the evening, for invitations to a wedding or a slightly chic aperitif party… Suitable for all your outings, the haori is the fashionable answer for all women, and the ways you can wear it are endless!!! The haori is THE ideal fashion item to add to your wardrobe and your life this so very unique touch of Japanese elegance! A simple and accessible way for all to enjoy the art of Japanese kimono.

In Tabitabiya's flea market, I only feature second-hand Japanese haori that melt my heart. They are not perfect but in good, or even very good condition. The photos will show you the small defects that some may have.


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