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▪The prices displayed on the product pages do not include shipping fees. Shipping fees will be added to the prices indicated when finalizing your order. They will be entirely your responsibility. Shipping fees are calculated according to the number of items, their weight and the country of destination. They include packaging and shipping fees.

The resumption of mail delivery and international parcel delivery from Japan, since the events of recent years, has very different delivery parameters depending on the country of destination.

If you want to know any updates for your country, please refer to your local post office or Japan Post News and search for your destination from the list provided there.

Tabitabiya does not deliver to the UK or Germany.

TABITABIYA works with the  JAPAN POST.
▪All packages will be shipped via Japan Post International Service. Depending on the nature of the products ordered, the order is sent either in envelopes or by parcel.
All orders up to a maximum weight of 2 kilos and maximum dimensions of 90cm in total will be shipped by Japan Post Small packet service which offers lower shipping costs. All orders over this weight and measurement will be shipped through Japan Post's International Parcels Post service. Both of these systems give you access to a tracking number and insurance, as explained in the paragraph below.


The shipping fees for shipments up to 2kgs and 90cm in total dimension by the Small packet service are:

~500 g: 1690 yen or approximately 11 euros

from 501 gr to 700 gr: 2050 yen or approximately 14 euros from

701 gr to 1000 gr: 2590 yen or approximately 17 euros

from 1001 gr to 1200 gr: 2950 yen or approximately 19 euros

from 1201 gr to 1500 gr: 3490 yen or approximately 23 euros

from 1501 gr to 1700 gr: 3850 yen or approximately 25 euros

from 1701 gr to 2000 gr: 4390 yen or approximately 28 euros

For the countries mentioned above, the shipping fees for shipments over 2kg by the International Parcel Post service are:

from 2000 gr to 3000 gr: 6000 yen or approximately 39 euros

from 3001 gr to 4000 gr: 8150 yen or approximately 52 euros from

4001 gr to 5000 gr: 10,300 yen or approximately 66 euros

from 5001 gr to 6000 gr: 12450 yen or approximately 80 euros


flat rate: 600 yen

all parcels will be shipped with Kuroneko Yamato

For parcels delivered by Japan Post, working with Japan Post should allow you: - the reception of your order within 6 to 10 working days, at least, from the day of shipment. These data represent the average times indicated by the Japanese post office and are therefore communicated to you here for information purposes only. TABITABIYA cannot be held liable if these deadlines are exceeded. - The follow-up of your parcel by Internet will be done thanks to the tracking number that we will communicate to you. An email will be sent to you to let you know when your parcel was shipped to you by us. This email will also inform you of the Japan Post tracking number which will allow you to track the delivery of your order on the Japan Post website (in English). It is imperative that you keep it until the final delivery of your order. - Insurance up to 6000 yen in case of loss or theft of the package. TABITABIYA disclaims all liability in the event of loss of your parcel by the Japanese or French post.

▪Your order can only be delivered to you against your signature. In case of absence, a transit advice note will be delivered to your mailbox informing you of the delivery of your parcel and the nearest post office where you can collect it. The possible costs of new presentations will also be at your expense.

▪Your parcel will be sent to you at the delivery address that you will have indicated to us on the online order form on our site. This delivery address may be different from your billing address. However, in order to guarantee the correct delivery of your order, you absolutely must provide us with an exact delivery address. In the event that the address provided proves to be incorrect or incomplete, TABITABIYA declines all responsibility concerning the non-possibility of delivering your parcel and no reimbursement costs may be claimed by the customer.

▪Be aware that your country of residence may add import charges and VAT or other taxes to an item. As an importer of the product(s) concerned, these additional costs that may be required of you are solely your responsibility and TABITABIYA  is not responsible for these additional charges.  You will need to check these with your local authorities, especially if you are in European countries you may need to pay VAT or other taxes which are not included in our prices. All applicable taxes and customs duties will be paid by you at the time of delivery of the order .  As a customer, you therefore agree to pay all taxes due on the importation of products, customs duties, value added tax, and all other taxes due under the laws of the country in which your order is received. TABITABIYA cannot be held responsible for the failure to pay the taxes for which you are liable. In the event that, as a customer, you refuse to pay these import charges and (or) VAT to which you are liable,  no reimbursement of your order can be demanded by you from TABITABIYA.

TABITABIYA is not required to inform you of the existence and amount of customs duties in force in your country. TABITABIYA therefore declines all responsibility with regard to the various formalities and customs taxes that may be required by each government of the countries of destination of the orders.

TABITABIYA has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. It is therefore up to you to contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, they may cause delays beyond the usual delivery times which cannot in any way engage the responsibility of TABITABIYA.

▪At the time of delivery of your parcel, it is your responsibility to check the condition of the products it contains and that it has not suffered any damage during transport. TABITABIYA therefore declines all responsibility for any damage resulting solely from the transport of goods by LA POSTE and cannot, in fact, proceed to the exchange of an item damaged during transport if you have accepted it in its damaged condition and no reimbursement costs may be claimed by you. Compensation for this type of transport damage is being provided for and regulated by national legislation and international conventions, you must, in the event of a claim, address it directly to the carrier as soon as possible in order to be able to be compensated.

▪If your parcel has still not been delivered to you within thirty days for parcels weighing less than two kilos, and this without any case of force majeure or fortuitous event, natural disaster, interruption of the mail service happening in your country , incorrect delivery address or any other unforeseeable cause cannot be attributed, we will consider that we are unable to deliver your parcel to you. We will cancel your order and refund any payments made by you within thirty days from the date of cancellation of the order.

But if your parcel, on the tracking site of your postal service, is indicated as "delivered" but you have not received it, Tabitabiya is sorry but, in this case, it is to  you, the buyer, to take the steps for reimbursement with your postal service. We will therefore not be able to reimburse you in these cases since it is up to you to obtain reimbursement from the postal service.

If your parcel is held up at your post office, the post office is responsible for informing you and leaving you a delivery notice. But, it happens that this is not done. Tabitabiya also tries to follow the delivery of orders as closely as possible and we try as much as possible to warn you when this is the case. But, if despite the messages from us, you do not pick up your package on time, be aware that it will be sent back to Japan and you cannot demand any refund of your order.

▪TABITABIYA cannot be held responsible in the event of a service interruption, partial or total strike at postal sorting centers and the various means of mail delivery in the country where the parcel is to be sent. TABITABIYA also declines all responsibility in the event of natural disasters or cases of force majeure or fortuitous events such as, in particular, a pandemic, war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied, making the delivery of the package impossible. No refund of payment may be requested by the buyer. TABITABIYA will also, in any event, be released from all liability in the event of non-performance by yourself of one or more of your obligations (payment of the price, accuracy of the information communicated by the customer such as the address of delivery ...)


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