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Who is behind Tabitabiya? Me and only me! I am Patricia, alias "Mme Criquet" because I also like, in my spare time, to create little things with most often authentic vintage Japanese fabrics ... A Japanese tradition of recycling things that is dear to  my hear."

Vintage haori jacket for women
vintage haori jacket for women

"Nice exchanges before the order and during the sending until the reception of the haori nicely packaged with 2 little surprises. A happiness and a joy...
Favorites at each visit."


You don't quite know why, but you feel drawn to Japan and its culture. You may say to yourself, surely, I imagine, that you would like to try the adventure of Japan… So, you surf the net in search of this country, and that leads you to TABITABIYA .

Dear visitors of TABITABIYA, let me say these few words to you!

Japan, a dream come true for more than 20 years!…
Going to live in Japan is, for me, a dream come true. And regardless of the years that pass, my passion for Japanese objects remains intact as on the first day! A real pleasure constantly renewed!
Because, resulting from a craft elevated to the rank of art, they are still very present in the life of Japan, whether in their original traditional form or in more modern forms, adapted to the realities and tastes of today. They are still a source of inspiration very much alive, and we continue to appreciate them in Japan too! And I love how young Japanese craftsmen, designers and companies want to continue to nurture this rich tradition with a wind of renewal. The simplicity, the originality and the genius, the beauty of the patterns, the daring mixtures of colors of these Japanese objects never cease to excite my eye, my curiosity. In front of them, I always feel like a little girl in an enchanted world! I'm sure you share this feelingt too!

Let's share our fascination for Japan together!
TABITABIYA was born from the desire to share this pleasure with you.
I like being told a story.
  What speaks to me the most today is the secret language of the fabulous world of Japanese motifs, their poetic universe which delivers to us all the cultural and spiritual richness of Japan and its influences. It is this story that Japan tells us with its subtle, mysterious and elegant pattern art, that TABITABIYA wishes to bring to your home, wherever you are, through a selection of items that take you to the heart of Japanese culture. 

Authentic and carefully selected items
The TABITABIYA collection is rigorously selected by me. I am committed to choosing, as much as possible, products that are 100% made in Japan and made by Japanese craftsmen, designers or companies who share, in today's modern Japan, the same desire to perpetuate this Japanese tradition which fascinates us and which I fell in love with. Because Japan is also part of the march of the world, it happens that, although developed by Japanese companies, the products are manufactured elsewhere... In this case, we always mention the country of manufacture of the articles. But, know that, to bring you the best, I always contact designers, craftsmen and companies to talk with them about their products, their work. What they do interests me. Some do wonderful, fascinating and high quality work that I would like you to discover. They too seek to speak to you, to you who are everywhere in France or in Japan, or elsewhere, and I hope to be able to be a voice for them over the years.

TABITABIYA's blog, for one more step in Japanese culture!
More than just a sales site, TABITAYA invites you to discover a culture and a certain art of living. To immerse you even more in the heart of Japanese culture and tell you the story behind the products of the TABITABIYA collection, and quite simply also to share with you our life in Japan, the articles of our blog are there for you.  I hope you will have as much fun reading them as I have writing them.





Here are some of our favorite Japanese products throughout our collection. I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I do surrounding yourself with our articles and living with them,
  adapt to your taste, wear them according to your style. Because that's also what's fabulous about the Japanese pattern tradition, isn't it? They are traditional yet timeless and decidedly modern! They are therefore within everyone's reach! You can easily, and while remaining yourself, wear TABITABIYA items, or take the opportunity to bring a touch of Japanese elegance to your interior, a touch that looks like you and will have no equal. TABITABIYA is here to satisfy that desire for Japan that is in you!


While waiting to make you discover many other all-Japan favorites…









▪OA (classic jikatabi)

“Hello Patricia, I received my order this morning containing my pair of Jikatabi. Thank you for the presentation and the marks of attention attached to this shipment.  ; I found all the refinement that I liked so much during my stay in Japan!......I have good hopes of receiving a favorable response for the Jukata belt. Very sincerely.






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