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Tabitabiya online shop for Japanese items

​Immerse yourself into the exciting world of Japanese patterns!

Tabitabiya's Universe

Season after season, let the enchanting world of Japanese patterns and its incomparable wonders inspire your life...

Our entire collection is carefully selected, for you, by us. It pays a tribute to these ancestral motifs at the heart of Japanese aesthetics. It will reveal their secret language to you and will be your invitation to travel to a Japan still to be discovered. The collection of our Japanese online store shares an all-Japanese desire to preserve and revitalize a whole story. For those who like to choose  as a connoisseur...

Vintage haori jackets for women
Handsewn designs with japanese vintage fabrics
Japanese Jikatabi Shoes
Japanese tabi split-toe  socks
Japanese T-Shirts

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Hello. I just received my t-shirt (and the sweet treats...) I LOVE IT! they are perfect, the perfect size, the top designs... Thanks again.

XM (Nobori Ryu Tee)

A life in step with Japan, blog

There are so many things we would like to share with you about our products and life in Japan! We don't know where to start! How about following us step by step through Tabitabiya's blog posts? They'll take you to the heart of the hidden language of Japanese patterns, to the roots of traditional and present-day Japan, and give you a little peek into what an ordinary girl's life can be like in the frenzy of life of Tokyo, a huge city with its small villages. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy your read and let us know what you think! We look forward to seeing you on our blog! Let's discover Japan in a different way together!

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