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Discover our beautiful Japanese T-shirts! For men and women, all our Japanese T-shirts are the creations of a team of young designers from Kyoto. Printed by hand, their patterns are inspired by the images and symbols of Japanese culture.


A beauty from ancient times , with a loose and supple kimono, covered with Momiji maple leaves, and which draws a beautiful movement. Her obi is tied in the front according to the custom of yesteryear.... The design is enhanced with a Hana-Maru motif, one of the most prestigious traditional Japanese motifs. The circle symbolizes the perfect form, that of the sun and harmony. it is often enhanced with flowers. Here, pretty cherry blossoms drawn with gold powder that can be found on the front of the T-shirt in another variation of the plum blossom motif, Umebachi.


  • Material: cotton, gold powder



    size S: length: 58cm, width: 40cm, shoulder width: 34cm, sleeve length: 15cm

    size M: length: 61cm, width: 43cm, shoulder width: 37cm, sleeve length: 16cm

    size L: length: 64cm, width: 45cm, shoulder width: 38cm, sleeve length: 16cm

    Care instructions: Place inside out in a net and wash at low temperature. Iron inside out at low temperature.

    Made in Japan

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