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Discover our beautiful Japanese T-shirts! For men and women, all our Japanese T-shirts are the designs of a team of young designers from Kyoto. Printed by hand, their patterns are inspired by the images and symbols of Japanese culture.



Nobori Ryu "The Dragon That Rises to the Heavens"

Asian dragons are an extremely positive and protective major mythological figure, a symbol of strength, power, luck and good fortune. . They are born from the carps that fly away up to the skies after having struggled, with much strength and stubbornness, to go up the current of the many rivers of Japan…

The Japanese dragon, recognizable by its three claws, is wise and powerful. Associated with water, clouds or the sky, just like other Asian dragons, he is the guardian of the sacred pearl he holds between his paws. The inscriptions on the back of the T-shirt read "kareki ura ryū gin dokuro ura gansei" and, in Zen, these words roughly mean "life in death, movement in stillness". Between these inscriptions, the ball of 5 precious grains symbolizes the god Inari.


  • Material: cotton, gold powder



    size S: length: 63cm, width: 47cm, shoulder width: 43cm, sleeve length: 18cm

    size M: length: 68cm, width: 52cm, shoulder width: 46cm, sleeve length: 22cm

    size L: length: 72cm, width: 55cm, shoulder width: 49cm, sleeve length: 22cm

    size XL: length: 75cm, width: 60cm, shoulder width: 56cm, sleeve length: 23cm


    Care instructions: Wash at low temperature inside out, in a net. Iron inside out at low temperature.

    Made in Japan

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