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Discover our beautiful Japanese T-shirts! For men and women, all our Japanese T-shirts are the designs of a team of young designers from Kyoto. Printed by hand, their patterns are inspired by the images and symbols of Japanese culture.


Kiku is the queen of the flowers of the Japanese Archipelago. Sacred, a symbol of peace, nobility and longevity, it is also a source of laughter and joy. Since the 13th century, the chrysanthemum has been the seal of the imperial family. Like on an aloha shirt, several superimposed layers illustrate the abundance and flamboyance of the chrysanthemum flower and its foliage.


  • Material: cotton, gold powder



    size S: length: 63cm, width: 47cm, shoulder width: 43cm, sleeve length: 18cm

    size M: length: 68cm, width: 52cm, shoulder width: 46cm, sleeve length: 22cm

    size L: length: 72cm, width: 55cm, shoulder width: 49cm, sleeve length: 22cm

    size XL: length: 75cm, width: 60cm, shoulder width: 56cm, sleeve length: 23cm

    Care instructions: Wash at low temperature inside out, in a net. Iron inside out at low temperature.

    Made in Japan

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