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Drawstring bags. Beware! There is only bag available for each featured fabric !


The drawstring bag, an always very practical accessory to store in all the little things we need to carry each day while keeping our bags tidy! We can never have too many drawstring bags!


2 fabrics made in Japan with very different tones mainly dedicated to nature. A Flower Festival: Sakura 桜 cherry blossoms, Botan 牡丹peonies, Kikyô 桔梗 bellflowers, Ume 梅plum blossoms, Momiji 紅葉maple leaves that take us through the seasons. Animals: Tsuru 鶴 cranes flying near a temple in the middle of the mountains, and Chôchô 蝶々 butterflies twirling, their wings outstretched, above a landscape of flowers and grass....


All these great motifs are also a pretext to introduce us to other ones: Ryûsui 流水 running water, Noshi 熨斗the strips of paper, Shippô 七宝the seven treasures of Buddhism, Seigaiha 青海波the waves of the calm sea, Kanoko鹿の子the stains on the fawn's back, Sayagata紗綾形the continuous crosses, Hishi 菱the rhombus... All auspicuous and very ancient prestigious patterns ...


  • Material: cotton




    red pouch: height X 26.5cm / width X 26cm


    blue pouch : height X 22cm / width X 22cm


    green pouch : height X 26.5cm / width X 19cm


    These pouches are washable in cold water on the delicates cycle. Once dried, you can steq, iron them at warm temperature.

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