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Origami drawstring bags. Beware! There is only one model available for each featured fabric!


The drawstring bag, an accessory that is always so very convenient to carry our things in when we want to keep our bags light and tidy. When you pull their strings to close these bags, thanks to the way they are fold when being sewn, a pretty origami effect is achieved making them look even prettier!


4 fabrics made in Japan with very different atmospheres but all dedicated to flowers. Sakura 桜, the cherry blossom, and Botan 牡丹, the peony, to celebrate Japanese spring in pink or red. Above the blue waves Nami 波, Ume 梅the plum blossom, and Sakura , the cherry blossom , to beautifully mark the transition from winter to spring. On a navy blue background, amidst Ume plum blossoms 梅 and Sakura cherry blossoms 桜, Yukiwadori 雪輪どり snowflakes twirl around to highlight other very ancient and high-ranking Japanese geometric patterns: the waves of the blue sea Seigaiha 青海波, the spots on the back of the fawn Kanoko 鹿の子 and the hemp leaf Asanoha 麻の葉, a shimmering set enhanced with gold...


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