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Here are our models of jikatabi, these extraordinary Japanese shoes.


Beautiful jikatabi in color!!! Unfortunately, this model of jikatabi is no longer produced by the manufacturer, and this pair is the last one left!!! An exclusive model, therefore, that no one but you will have... And moreover, your tabi socks, the essential accessory to wear these magnificent jikatabi, are offered to you!


One more reason for you to let yourself be seduced by the comfort of these Japanese shoes with their split big toe! You too can adopt jikatabi, our favorite traditional Japanese shoes! Amazing in style and comfort, jikatabi are ideal for every day. Their design, both traditional and resolutely modern, is perfectly suited to Western clothing. We don't hesitate to put these Japanese shoes on with our jeans, skirts and wear them to work. So, you too, do not hesitate! Wear jikatabi!


To know everything about jikatabi, find our post on our blog here:


  • Material: thick natural cotton
    Height : 20cm
    Number of fasteners: 7
    Sole: natural rubber (sports sole)
    Inner fabric: natural cotton
    Designed in Japan and made in China

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