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Sets of pouches sewn with love by Tabitabiya in fabrics that are part of the great textile tradition of Nishijin. Of course, these fabrics are 100% made in Japan!


Nishijin-Ori silk fabrics are well-known throughout the world for their exquisite craftsmanship. But, for many, many years, Nishijin fabrics have also been made of polyester. As these polyester fabrics are more resistant, they are more suitable for bag making and sewing other small decorative objects which Japan has the secret of. Although silk continues to be reserved for the manufacture of kimono and breathtaking obi sashes, these polyester fabrics deliver the same quality as silk fabrics and are equally a feast for the eye!


Beware! There is only one pair of pouches available for each featured fabric!


These adorable sets of round pouches are perfect for combining the pleasant with the useful, and also make perfect gifts! To carry withyou all day ally the necessary little items you can't do without!


4 fabrics made in Japan with very unique and different atmospoheres, all dedicated to nature.


Pink fabric: Against a very soft and feminine pink background, Sakura 桜, the cherry blossom is echoed by the one that blooms just before it, Ume 梅 the plum blossom . Such a lovely set of two pouches.


Purple fabric: amid the rising waves of mist Egasumi エ霞 , green hats made by the foliage of pine trees Matsu 松. The clouds of vapor also reveal a flower, that of the plum blossom Ume 梅 plum. Two masterful figures combined together to form a pattern that only the nobility of the imperial court could wear.


Orange-beige fabric: In line with the rich tradition of nishijin fabrics, an abundance of patterns! Kiku 菊the chrysanthemum flower, Matsu 松 the pine tree, Tachibana 橘 the wild orange, Take 笹 the bamboo, Hanabishi 花菱 the chestnut flower in a diamond shape, Seigaiha 青海波 the waves of the blue sea, Kikkô 亀甲 the scales on the back of the turtle, Sayagata 紗綾形 the tangled Buddhist crosses . It is a time-honored tradition in the world of Japanese patterns to combine these geometric patterns with natural ones.


Green beige fabric: On the same principle as the orange-beige model, here too, an abundance of patterns that combine the floral and plant worlds, the water world and the animal world with Kikyo 桔梗 the bellflower, Karakusa 唐草 the arabesque, Kiku 菊 the chrysanthemum, Namigashira 波頭 the crest of the waves, Seigaiha 青海波 the waves of the blue sea, Kikkô 亀甲 the scales on the turtle's back, Sayagata 紗綾形 the tangled Buddhist crosses . A picture full of movement and dynamism.


  • Material: polyester




    Large round pouch: height 20cm / width 20cm / depth 7cm


    Small round pouch: height 20cm / width 20cm


    CAUTION! These pouches cannot be washed. If it is really necessary, you can have your pouches dry-cleaned. They can also be steam ironed at warm temperature.

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