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TABITABIYA's handmade designs, in keeping with the Japanese tradition, present original items, all made with either new Japanese fabrics or vintage kimono, haori jackets or obi belts that we found during our hunts in second-hand kimono shops. Because yes, in Japan, when kimono, haori, obi, etc. can no longer be worn, that's how they find a new life!


This duo of cushion covers is elegantly delicate with this beautiful harmony of silver and powder pink ! On this vintage obi belt that I upcycled, a set of patterns from the universe of Yûsokumonyô 有職文様 from the Heian period. Today they designate all the pattern exclusively worn by the members of the Imperial Court in ancient times. First, in the background, the undulating lines that rise from Tatewaku 立涌, the rising mist water , a symbol of our ability to rise above circumstances. In the past, weaving this pattern required great dexterity and it was reserved for the elite. Then, above these vertical lines, a geometric pattern from the animal world that we particularly like: Kikkô 亀甲, the scales on the back of the turtle, symbol of good fortune, longevity, knowledge and great wisdom. Its geometry gives character to the whole. But the effect is softened by the finesse of the powdery pink which sets the contours of its polygon. We can see other scales embodied by the pattern of Uroko 鱗, the scales of the snake or the fish , and that is protective pattern. Then, from the animal world we move on to an imaginary plant world with the most mysterious flower, Karahana 唐花. Coming from China to Japan, it was born from the imagination of men to deliverinm only one flower the quintessence of the beauty of the most beautiful flowers, such as the lotus flower, the peony among others. These flowers enjoyed a privileged status in the world of Chinese and Japanese patterns. Then, to bring a little edgy touchthese covers, I chose to add two vertical stripes cut from an obi belt, which is also vintage.

Cushions covers are essential in adding a glamorous finishing touch to your interior or a nice decorative effect to your sofas, armchairs and beds, right? These decorative items have no equal to give charm and originality to this home in which you have put all your heart to paint it in your colors and make it a cozy nest that shows your unique personality! With these cushion covers, you can also bring a note of Japanese elegance to your interior with unique pieces that you won't find in anyone else's home!


  • Sold as 1 single set of two cushion covers

    Material: silk

    Dimensions: suitable for a 30X50 cm size cushion. Cushion not included.
    Maintenance : in general, obi fabrics cannot be washed. But if you really need to wash your cushion covers, we can only recommend to dry clean them.

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