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Here is the modern version of the tabi!

Very colorful , very comfortable, these Japanese tabi socks, with their split big toe, are very popular with Japanese people. You can wear these tabi socks with traditional Japanese shoes AND any other type of western footwear. In particular, they are the perfect socks to wear with your flip flops! So don't be afraid to give them a try! Our Japanese tabi socks will quickly become your favourites!


女郎花 Ominaeshi , since the earliest hours of Japanese poetry, it has been said of this solitary beautiful plant that the beauty of its yellow flower surpasses all beauty. Flowering from June to October, with the exception of Okinawa, it illuminates Japan with its magnificence, which has made it the symbol of the delicate beauty of a solitary woman...


In addition to being unique to Japan , this form of socks with the big toe separated is also good for the feet : it promotes blood circulation and helps prevent athlete's foot by reducing perspiration between the toes.


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