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To know everything about the benefits of Japanese tabi socks on the health of your feet!

Chaussettes japonaises tabi Tabitabiya boutique japonaise

Every year, these Japanese tabi socks with their pretty Japanese patterns are very successful! And this is a well deserved success! Why? Because these socks with their shape so emblematic of Japan (you know, the one where the big toe is separated from the other toes) have many treasures of happiness to offer your feet...

LITTLE TREASURES, YOU SAID ???? WE WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING !!!! It is not for nothing that today the sports world has borrowed its famous tabi socks from Japan. They are good for your toes:

- Freed, the big toe can fully play its role and help our body maintain balance and good posture.

- Our foot can keep all its agility.

- Thus, we are less likely to have cold feet because blood circulation is stimulated, and our ankles are less swollen.

- No more perspiration and bad smells! Our in between-toes are ventilated!

- And so, goodbye athlete's foot!

- And if, like me, you like to walk barefoot and want to find that feeling again, they are just the best. They also make for perfect shoes for relaxing moments at home! So much lighter than our slippers!

The tabi are Japanese socks, of course, but you can wear them with all types of shoes! So do not hesitate to give some love to your feet! They deserve it ! Just say "yes !" to healthy and happy feet!

And for you, gentlemen, as it is important to take care of your feet, here are our 5-finger tabs socks! All the wonderful benefits of these special socks will be increased with these cutties! Try them out and let us know what you think!

chaussettes japonaises tabi à 5 doigts Tabitabiya boutique japonaise


A 2017 soap opera revives the tradition of tabi socks in Japan too!!!!

Every year, in spring and autumn, Japanese television broadcasts a series of 10-episode soap operas. last fall, TBS channel presented us with a fiction, "Rikuo", telling us about....a boss at the head of a small centenary company of 20 people experiencing difficult days due to the decline in demand for traditional cotton tabi....

Feuilleton télévisé de la TBS "Rikuo"

He will save his business by using all the knowledge and experience acquired in making tabi to create running shoes that give the impression of running barefoot....

feuilleton télévisé de la TBS "Rikuo"

A historical and social nod to the adventure of the tabi and jikatabi shoes that inspired new types of sports shoes from all the major brands around the world! And since then, the Japanese have fallen back in love with their ancestral tabi socks... in their modern version!


S., B.A., C.L. and many others have fallen in love with their jikatabi!

chaussures japonaises jikatabi Tabitabiya boutique japonaise

A.B. (classic jikatabi) "I am amazed! In only 6 days I received my jikatabi. They are beyond my expectations. Thank you for the tabi you included! Without you I could not have worn them right away and the comfort is great. I have become a fan and my feet too."

Let's discover all about these great shoes on our blog!


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