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Being an island country, Japan, is surrounded by a world of waves whose many movements it has embodied in just as many patterns. Here, I loved the ultra-contrasting color combination that highlights, in a very contemporary way, the large undulations of the waves of a very, very deep blue sea, and where corners of golden sand appear. The craftsman had chosen to combine this color combination with a much more restrained orange on the back of the belt. I respected this choice to sew this two-tone bag that I find super punchy but also elegant and stylish, with personality. Just like you !

And moreover, this bag is very practical because it has 4 inside pockets! You’ll definitely be able to carry with you all you need to bring along when you’ll choose your kimono bag for your outings.Even though this bag is made of fabric, it has been reinforced to give it a nice shape, a strong body with good consistency.


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