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One of the oldest Japanese patterns for this two-tone kimono bag available in blue:Hanabishi 花菱 or the flowers of the water chestnut, an aquatic plant from Japanese marshes. This flower is made up of four diamond-shaped petals arranged around a circular center. Here, it is very finely repeated ad infinitum in the spirit Komon 小紋 style Japanese fabrics. To enhance its discreet atmosphere, I associated this vintage kimono fabric with that of a kimono, also vintage, in Chirimen silk crepe ちりめん of a more sustained and luminous blue but which remains soft.

And moreover, this bag is very practical because it has 4 inside pockets! You’ll definitely be able to carry with you all you need to bring along when you’ll choose your kimono bag for your outings.


Even though this bag is made of fabric, it has been reinforced to give it a nice shape, a strong body with good consistency.


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