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I love it when green and pink are combined together! Do you too like this color combination? For this bag that has quite a unique feel about it, I chose to pair two vintage kimono fabrics. The first, in fuchsia pink and matte gold with a tint of green, features a motif of Hanabishi 花菱, the flower of the water chestnut, an aquatic plant from Japanese marshes. This flower is made up of four diamond-shaped petals arranged around a circular center. Its pop and lively spirit is softened by the very soft green fabric of another vintage kimono with a more material feel. Woven directly into the fabric, at the end of a long stem adorned with large strands, a golden flower... Is this a very stylized image of the Japanese iris Hanashôbu 花しょうぶ? Maybe... But, it is reminescent of water flowers, and that seemed to me to be a good echo to Hanabishi. For the inside of the bag, I used the fabric of a vintage obi sash which uses green and gold in more intense tones than the outside of the bag. Its motifs depict a floral and aquatic universe: on the waves Nami 波 float large Kiku 菊 chrysanthemum flowers. And moreover, this bag is very practical because it has 4 inside pockets! You’ll definitely be able to carry with you all you need to bring along when you’ll choose your kimono bag for your outings.


Even though this bag is made of fabric, it has been reinforced to give it a nice shape, a strong body with good consistency.


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