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To combine the pleasant with the useful, I sewed, for you, this wall organizer...


This wall organizer will help you store all those small everyday little things that you don't know what to do with but need: pens, glasses, mail, cell phone charger, cell phone, account book, etc... everything everything everything ! According to your needs... Entirely sewn in vintage kimono fabrics, in addition to being useful, it is intended to be a wall panel to decorate your interior with a touch of Japanese originality. You can hang it in your entrance, your living room, your office, your bedroom, on the door of one of your rooms or in a closet... It's all up to you!

In short, this wall organizer is another very simple and original way for you to enjoy the fabulous world of traditional Japanese patterns and textiles!


I was won over by the magic of this Hasunohana lotus flower 蓮の花offered to our eyes, bud closed, in the middle of two large leaves, in a striking variation of white, gray and blue. Many spiritual associations and a rich history. Its ability to take root in the murky, muddy water of a pond to rise above the water makes it the floral embodiment of spiritual enlightenment. Its beautiful, fragrant flower also symbolizes purity, and it is often found in ponds near temples and shrines in Japan during the summer. I decided to complete the picture with a motif of a bird living near wetlands, here Tsuru 鶴 cranes, with an equally rich spiritual symbolism in a personal and very modest interpretation of the art ofKachô-Ga kachouga 花鳥画, images of birds and flowers. Equally magical, fascinating cranes spread their long necks and stylized wings in a universe of black and gray that also depicts hail through the clouds...


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