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To combine the pleasant with the useful, I sewed, for you, thiswall organizer...


This wall organizer will help you store all those small everyday little things that you don't know what to do with but need: pens, glasses, mail, cell phone charger, cell phone, account book, etc... everything everything everything ! According to your needs... Entirely sewn in vintage kimono fabrics, in addition to being useful, it is intended to also serve as a wall panel to decorate your interior with a touch of Japanese originality. You can hang it in your entrance, your living room, your office, your bedroom, on the door of one of your rooms or in a closet... It's all up to you!

In short, this wall organizer is another very simple and original way for you to enjoy the fabulous world of traditional Japanese patterns and textiles!


Its colors are all fresh and joyful. The two vintage kimono fabrics that I combined to make this wall organizer recreate one of my favorite color combinations: pink and green! A very feminine universe, I grant you. Declined in a green full of life that we find in spring and which evokes the image of leaves, a pattern ofpaper fan Sensû 扇子which, deployed, symbolizes the ability to develop and prosper. In the world of the kimono, the motif of this small instrument very quickly became a canvas for highlighting seasonal motifs. Here, floral and plant motifs from autumn and winter:Ume 梅 the plum blossom, Kiku 菊 the crysanthemum and Momiji 紅葉 the reddened leaves of maple trees in autumn. The pink fabric in which the 3 storage pockets are sewn, is an example of the genius of the universe of komon style kimono patterns which feature, throughout the fabric, the repetition of the same pattern. Here, it is an ultra stylized and pop version of the motif of thepine Matsu 松. A pattern of nature very often associated with those present on the green fabric with the fan pattern.


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