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TABITABIYA's handmade designs, in keeping with the Japanese tradition, present original items, all made with either new quality Japanese fabrics or vintage kimono, haori jackets or obi belts that I found during my hunts in second-hand kimono shops. Because yes, in Japan, when kimono, haori, obi, etc. can no longer be worn, that's how they find a new life!

This cushion cover is sewn entirely from vintage obi fabrics, and it features very traditional and high-ranking motifs: Kikkô 亀甲, the scales on the back of the turtle and Mukaitsuru 向かい鶴, two cranes with outstretched wings  facing each other as a symbol of  harmony in the couple. Since Ancient Japan, cranes and turtles have been respected as symbols of longevity. As the saying goes: "A crane lasts a thousand years, a turtle a million years." And it was the Heian period which established the combination of these two animal motifs in its costumes and its crafts. Here, I chose to combine the powder pink and silver of this vintage obi with the warm golden khaki of another obi, also vintage, in order to enhance their elegance and give the cushion cover an air of modernity that would perfectly complement a pretty brown leather sofa or armchair, for example. But, the possibilities are multiple and free! Up to you ! On the back of the cover, I used a third vintage obi which uses the pink color in another shade.

Cushions are essential to add a glamorous finishing touch to your interior or a decorative accent note to your sofas, armchairs and beds, right? These decorative elements have no equal to give charm and originality to this home in which you have put all your heart to paint it in your colors and make it a cozy nest that reflects who you are! With these cushion covers, you can also bring a note of Japanese elegance to your interior with unique pieces that you won't find in anyone else's home!



    Material: silk and cotton 

    Dimensions: suitable for a padding cushion of 50X30 cm. Cushion padding not included.

    Care instructions: In general, obi or kimono fabrics do not wash. But if you really need  to wash your cushion covers, we can only recommend dry cleaning at a  professional store. And if necessary, you can also steam iron them at  the right temperature for silk fabrics.

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