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TABITABIYA's handmade designs, in keeping with the Japanese tradition, present original items, all made with either new quality Japanese fabrics or vintage kimono, haori jackets or obi belts that I found during my hunts in second-hand kimono shops. Because yes, in Japan, when kimono, haori, obi, etc. can no longer be worn, that's how they find a new life!


For these two cushion covers with a calm atmosphere, two essential images from the world of Japanese motifs.


Consecrated harbinger of spring, elevated to the rank of auspicious motifs in the Edo Period, the plum blossom, Ume 梅, is a powerful symbol of the force of life. This little flower blooming while still covered in snow is, in Japanese culture, an image as cherished as a little treasure. It tells us that, if we persist, resist a little longer, spring will come, like a reward for our efforts in the face of the harshness of winter.


On the branches which stand straight up in a most graphic movement, Ume has blossomed and reveals to us all the facets of the charm of its small round petals. In the center of this painting of flowers and branches named Eda-Ume 枝梅, "Yae-Ume" 八重梅 with such a full form and so rich in petals faces us in a vibrant color. At his side, Ura-Ume 裏梅, the plum blossom seen from behind, tells us not to forget to admire the beauty of the flower from all angles. In a subtle gray, the figure of Yari-Ume 槍梅 (image of plum blossoms and buds scattered on small branches that stand upright) gracefully enhances the prettiness of this couple.


What other image than that of the butterfly could accompany this symbol of hope, courage and rebirth? It is magnificently embodied here by the figure of the swallowtail butterfly Ageha-Cho 揚羽蝶. The butterfly twirls and twirls, in the air, with a beating of its wings that fills us with wonder... A symbol of Immortality and courage, this fragile little life knows how to burn its wings to obtain the light it desires so much to get close to. An echo of the courage of the samurai to obtain victory, on the battlefield, at the risk of their lives...


The egg becomes a larva that then turns into a chrysalis, then blossoms into a creature with marvelous finery…. The life cycle of the butterfly resonates with Buddhists and their belief in the revitalization of life, in rebirth and reincarnation…


With this duo of cushion covers, here is an ode to the rebirth of life after the hardships of winter, an ode to renewal, to the return of spring!


These cushion covers were made in a vintage kimono fabric in tsukesage style and another plain purple vintage kimono in iromuji style.


Cushions are essential to add a glamorous finishing touch to your interior or a decorative accent note to your sofas, armchairs and beds, right? These decorative elements have no equal to give charm and originality to this home in which you have put all your heart to paint it in your colors and make it a cozy nest that reflects who you are! With these cushion covers, you can also bring a note of Japanese elegance to your interior with unique pieces that you won't find in anyone else's home!


  • Sold as 1 single set of two cushion covers


    Material: silk

    Dimensions: suitable for a 40X40 size cushion. (padding cushion not included).


    Care: In general, obi or kimono fabrics do not wash. But if you really need to wash your cushion covers, we can only recommend dry cleaning at a professional store. And if necessary, you can also steam iron them at the right temperature for silk fabrics.

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