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Vintage! Second-hand haori, jackets for Japanese kimono.


A trio of very simple colors for an elegant ensemble, of great sensitivity and poetry. This haori is also a tribute to the art of embroidery. Embroidered with black, pinkish red or white threads, this jacket transports us to the heart of pictures the most classic of Japanese autumn: those of blooming chrysanthemum flowers Kiku 菊and red maple leaves Momiji 紅葉. We like here how foliage, stems and branches appear in the painting. The use of white yarn brings touches of light and play of shadows that add life to the floral and delicate portrait of this season. Point exuberant vision of a flamboyant autumn that Japan is famous for. There is just the gaze that arises with finesse on the elements that make it beautiful. A restrained and most pleasant vision.

Cords and haura use the same color palette. The haura, the inner lining, sets the stage in a larger dimension. From the close shot, we go to the overall shot to depict the natural landscapes formed by the embroidered elements on the jacket. In the middle of mountains and trees, a small house. This country pattern is called Kaoku 家屋, and the chrysanthemum flowers and reddened maple leaves are accompanied by Matsu pine 松, and Ume plum blossoms 梅. And if we are careful, we can see a nod to the artist Ogata Kôrin in the roundness of some chrysanthemum flowers and the foliage of certain pines. These two new emblems of the plant world tell us that after autumn will come winter...


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