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There is only one of this bag!


A very simple, very fluid tote bag for every day use with a little folding game at its base. Made in cotton fabrics made in Japan, it is also completely washable!


The fabric chosen is a tribute to a revered bird in Japan and in other countries too: Tanchô タンチョウ, the Japanese crane.... Its beauty and its spectacular nuptial dance that the Aïnu women have passed on to us since the dawn of time make it a highly symbolic bird, a national treasure even!, that can be seen on Japan Airlines planes...

Dancing and flying over 1000 years, Tanchô is a symbol of longevity and good fortune, returning favors to us for our acts of sacrifice and carrying on their wings the souls of our deceased to the gates of Heaven. Alongside her better half for life, she is an embodiment of faithful love...

Right here, Tanchō flies in a floral landscape amid the blossoms of Ume 梅 plum trees and Sakura 桜 cherry trees in a temple garden. A happy picture.


  • Materials: cotton


    Dimensions: length 40cm X width 37cm at the bottom - 34cm at the top X depth 19cm


    Maintenance : This bag can be washed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle or hand washed in cold water. For a first wash, it is recommended to wash separately. When dry, you can steam iron at medium or high temperature.

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