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It is with great pleasure that Tabitabiya has resumed sewing its own designs with Japanese fabric, wether new or vintage!


This bag was entirely sewn by Tabitabiya. A big bag with pretty autumn tones that suit both ladies and gentlemen. This bag is a very nice size, so you can put a lot of things in it! It will even be perfect for your 3 or 4 day getaways. A new travel bag with a nice feel of Japanese elegance? Why not! It is also secure since it is well closed by a zipper. In addition to having 3 outside pockets, it also contains 5 inner pockets!


The obi sash chosen for this design is a tribute to all these fabulous checkered patterns born from the japanese textile traditions throughout the centuries. Here, a variation of the checkered pattern called "Okinagoushi", 翁格子, a play of thin lines placed inside thicker lines. An ancient and auspicious design which symbolizes the hope of many descendants, the thick line representing an old man, and the thinner lines his grandchildren. A pattern more often displayed on men's or children's kimonos... but whoever likes it can make it their own!


Let's not forget! Handmade designs requires lots of time and efforts to be made! I hope you will like this bag ...


  • Dimensions:


    Bag: width 40cm x height 44cm x depth 12cm


    lined bag, zipper, 3 outside pockets, 5 inner pockets


    Material: silk and cotton


    Handmade by Tabitabiya


    Beware! Wash your bag only in case of real need and preferably, by hand, in cold water and without rubbing hard or wrinkling it. On the dirtiest areas, rub gently with a cloth.

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