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These sets of two pouches are all made by Tabitabiya in richly decorated polyester fabrics specially made for making small decorative things. And as spring will soon returns, all the pouches are decorated with a small Sakura 桜 cherry blossom charm.


Although flat in appearance, there is a little secret with these pouches: their bottom can open up and give them enough volume so that you can actually put more things in them than meets the eye, for example, a small bottle of alcohol, your lipsticks and other makeup accessories, etc... all your daily essentials!


Here are the patterns in brief:

1: gold and white sakura

2: red and golden sakura

3: red and white sakura

4: sakura and kiku, chrysanthemum flowers

5: pink and gold hanashippo

6: kiku and kumo, clouds

7: temari and sakura


Beware! There is only one pair of pockets available for each features fabric!

Set of two Japanese fabrics pouches

5 000¥Price
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